Hello There!

My name is Anne Villano and I am an Artist, proud Air Force Spouse and mother of two. Hope you enjoy following our life journey!

Hello World!

Hello World!

Well, it has finally happened. I have officially started a blog to share all of my wins, frustrations, tips, tricks, and part of our lives with the world. Or most likely just family, some friends and maybe a few people who accidentally arrived here!


... I despise being on a computer for too long...

You read right, my friends.

My name is Anne and I am a proud Air Force spouse, mama of two crazy toddlers, artist/graphic designer/woodworker/entrepreneur and lover of my fur baby, Mr. Jeeves. Those who know me also know that I prefer hand written letters, actual books (you know, the kind with paper pages), and am always sketching or writing in my journal. To be completely honest with you, I have actually hand written this entire post and probably all other posts long before they wind up on this thing we call the world wide web. In fact, the reason I haven't had a blog sooner is the sheer fact that I despise being on a computer for too long. You may even wonder "Hey Anne, why oh why did you go to college for Graphic Design?" Well, there was a time where I ate and breathed all things design related  and in a sense there is still a part of me who always will. I wanted a way to make a living, while indulging my creative ability. It wasn't until after I graduated and worked in the field for a few years that I realized how much I missed actually creating with my hands. Not just pushing pixels around with a mouse, but actually physically creating something. But I digress...

I met my husband senior year of college in Upstate New York. 9 months later we had graduated, became engaged and started out on our own. We made a cross country move to Austin, Texas with nothing but what we could fit in our two cars. I'm talking no job waiting for us kind of crazy that I think everyone should experience at some point in your life! I had always wanted to go there because of the all around awesomeness that was the Austin art scene and I had only heard about or lived through the computer screen. I told my future husband that I was going with or without him-- I believe my exact words were "I am going with or without you! Obviously, I want you to go with me but there is absolutely no pressure at all." (Little did I know, my loving father had already cornered him a few days before explaining in that terrifyingly calm tone I have only experienced twice in my life, that if Sean "thought he was taking his only daughter halfway across the country without a COMMITMENT he was sorely mistaken". My now husband responded with "I bought a ring a month into dating her, sir.") I guess we all have some form of a movie moment and mine was most certainly when I said "YES!" and we started our adventure.

Once we arrived in Austin, we lived at the Days Inn off I-35 for three weeks pounding the pavement trying to find work. After many sobering and soul crushing interviews that most certainly have NOT scarred me for life, (you other Graphic Designers know what I am talking about) I finally landed a job working for a higher education marketing firm and we moved into our third floor one bedroom apartment. After a few years, Sean decided he wanted to serve his country and be apart of something bigger than himself so he applied to for the United States Air Force. He was sworn in at San Antonio, Texas and that is where our military journey began.

After an elopement (something my mother still holds a grudge about even though we did have another ceremony for family and friends two years later. I get it though, especially now that I have a daughter) we headed to our first station: Nellis AFB, Las Vegas NV. That was the most amazing, stressful, eye-opening, adventurous fifteen months of our lives. But that is a story for another time! We have lived in four different locations in six years, had two children, started a business and somehow kept our sanity through it all--at least we think we have; well, we are trying our best!

My hope for this blog is to share our journey through transparency, laughter, learning and growth. If I can help others who go through similar experiences, then that's even better. So lean in friends, say hello and let's get through this crazy thing called life together.

Ideas Are Not Experiences

Ideas Are Not Experiences