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10 Reasons Why My Toddler Is Tantruming

10 Reasons Why My Toddler Is Tantruming

Anyone who has been in the presence of a toddler knows how volatile and intense that time can be. I have compiled a detailed list of my top ten most common reasons my toddlers have had meltdowns below. Please share the most ridiculous, adorable, infuriating reasons those tiny humans who you love with all your heart have melted down! Laughter is the key to getting through parenting.


...this was a sign from the heavens that I would battle a little tiny banana quality inspector...

-Anne Villano,

"But I'm SO HUUUUUUUUNGRY MOM!" Every day at least once we have a meltdown over food. All aspects of food you can imagine. The texture of food, the color of the food is "not right", that the bowl of cereal is "TOO HOT" to eat, that the food is touching, that the syrup is on the pancakes and not near the pancakes (apparently he likes to dunk the pancakes on Monday and Wednesday).

Bananas. You may be thinking this should be in the above section but how you are mistaken. When I was pregnant with Leo I could not think about bananas. I couldn't walk by the bananas in the grocery store and when my husband ate them in front of me I would puke in the nearest open container. Little did I know that this was a sign from the heavens that I would battle a little tiny banana quality inspection who seems to delight in my frustrations.

First, the banana had too many "stringeys" which was fine, I can't stand those either. Then it was that the tips of the banana were "wrong"; just the tip. (Sorry, not sorry. I couldn't resist. Be prepared for many "That's what he said" zingers throughout this blog) And my ever favorite, if the banana is not one piece before he goes to eat, it will be uneatable. This happens EVERY TIME HE EATS A BANANA. My son has a hollow leg and eats about two to four bananas everyday. (Really, ask around.)

Not the right color bowl, cup, shirt etc. From what I have heard this is a pretty common one. I don't think I need to explain any further and am visualizing all the mama bears out there nodding their heads in solidarity.

Any time one kiddo has something the other kiddo wants JUST BECAUSE the other kiddo has it-- only to throw it the opposite direction of their sibling.

Because she wanted to touch the boiling water when I was trying to cook one handed spaghetti. Our second child is a mini me on so many levels. One of those levels is that she is the daredevil of the two kiddos. She is the one who will be encouraging her brother to do something she knows is wrong. She is the one who superman's off the couches on a daily basis only to laugh as my heart is in my throat. She is the universes way of karma biting me in the booty. She will definitely change this world and I cannot wait to see how!

Because I cannot understand a thing he is trying to say because chose to shove an entire pancake in his mouth and then try to have a conversation.

I wouldn't let him eat raw eggs.

I explained that the dog cannot poop in the toilet like he can.

Because I wouldn't let her eat  the bug spray/sunscreen/toilet brush (yeah, you read correctly **insert disgusted face here**)

Because I had to remove the tick in his armpit. My only conclusion was that he had grown attached to this little creature trying to suck the life out of him.

These have been the top ten this month. What are your most mortifying, hilarious, sickening reasons your toddler is melting down?

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