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My name is Anne Villano and I am an Artist, proud Air Force Spouse and mother of two. Hope you enjoy following our life journey!

A Normal Workday

A Normal Workday

When people hear about how I started my business while my husband was on a short tour, right after my second baby was born, while living with my parents, the response is usually something along the lines of: "I don't know how you do it!" or "Man, you have your hands full don't you?" or my personal favorite "WHY would you do that to yourself????!!!"

While I appreciate everyone's shock/amazement/sheer horror at the fact that I finally decided to launch something that would give my life a professional sense of achievement, sometimes you just have to jump in; eyes closed, arms wide open. In this day and age, especially with social media, anyone can project an image of overnight success or put forth an image that leads people to believe that success is easily achieved. Rarely do you see the hours spent working on things or the years of planning and hustling it takes to get to where you want to be.

If being a mama bear of two toddlers and a military spouse who chose possibly the most stressful time of her life to start a small business has taught me anything it's this: Adapting to your current situation is KEY, you always have something to be thankful for, and the best things in life are usually the hardest to achieve.



Being mindful of the fact that these little humans are gleaning values in our every day actions which gives you a chance to mold them into the people you wish them to be!

Want to know the secret to how I get so much done in my days?

Include your children when you can! You may think I am crazy saying that two toddlers who chose to survive only on goldfish and Nilla wafers at the moment could really contribute to the success of a small creative business. Well, I am a little crazy but there is a whole heck of a lot of truth to that thought! Including your children is so important on many levels and you will be shocked at what they bring to the table. If the day calls for being in my workshop, my children are right outside playing in the sandbox or water table ready to pick up any scrap wood that happens to be thrown into the grass. If I need to take orders to the post office, Leo is carrying something in for me. Picking out wood at the hardware store or paint? Leo helps me choose. Do I really want to finish my painting? My children paint along side of me.

Giving these little moments of purpose, teaches a sense of pride that is invaluable. Leo it THRILLED to help me with anything. If you hear a piercing scream in Lowes saying "I'M HELPING MAMA! I'M HELPING, DO YOU SEE ME HELPING?!" that is my child. As they get older, I will continue to give them more complex ways of helping with the business and they will still have that pride for what I hope to be their entire life. Children learn from our example and are constantly watching. I had heard parents mention this but until my little boy saw someone cut us off in the car and shout "OH COME ON!" I hadn't really believed it.

Get into the habit of being mindful of the fact that these little humans are gleaning values in our every day actions which gives you a chance to mold them into the people you wish them to be! For me, I want both my kiddos and especially my daughter to know that you can accomplish the impossible, that hard work and perseverance produces amazing things, and that you get what you put into this world.

My hope for my children is to have the confidence to follow their dreams and know that although the journey is a jagged line you will find what makes you truly happy if you persist. If they know this deep within themselves, I know I have done my job as a mama bear. 

Little Moments: Our Fridge

Little Moments: Our Fridge

Ideas Are Not Experiences

Ideas Are Not Experiences